Sydney trip

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I just got back from sydney was a really good trip because i got to see my mum..yeaaaa…its been like 8 months since i last saw to meet my aunties as well..the funny thing about the trip is that i never knew that i had relatives in sydney..i got to meet them for the first it was like “jejak kasih” la..i found out i got cousin and niece in sydney..i didn’t managed to go visit opera house but managed to see from the plane la..hehehehe..i only managed to cover 1/6 of the city..itu pun jalan kaki was a good exercise la..kkekeke…then on monday we all went to blue mountain..cantik gila eh..later i post some you people who likes to take pictures..thats one of the place u should visit..bah ben,mandy n azie,keep that in mind ok?!..i can be your tour guide kalau kamu payment,bayar bilik sia saja..ekekeke..ok here are some pictures..i didnt have any camera so i just took it using my iphone..IMG_0057IMG_0066IMG_0112IMG_0148IMG_0153IMG_0242 these are a few pictures that i took from my sydney trip..ada lagi gambar but i will show you guys when i get back to kk la ok..enjoy the pictures…

cooking class part 2

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The cooking class is coming to an end..recently we had a change of the previous class,we had chef kim as our lecturer but now we are having chef rob..both of them are cool even though chef kim is a more strict but i’m having fun in both of their class..this is what we had to cook in chef rob’s class.


That’s chef rob..he is basically the course coordinator for food production class..well enjoy the pictures then!!

Cooking class part 1

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One of my subject this semester is food production aka cooking class..So far i have done 2 classes of it..There are about 16 of us in class and everytime we have that class,we will be given different partner as well as different things to cook..The first class my partner and i was cooking soup for entree..And the recent class i was making chocolate basket for dessert…So the next time i will be making one of the main meal from the main menu..Here are some pictures of what we did…The first picture is the chocolate basket that i is the egg tart and lastly is the beef (medium rare)…

More pictures to come of the other dishes..stay tuned..hehehhehehe


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EKKA is something like Ka’amatan festival back in Sabah. It is a yearly event here in Brisbane. i went to EKKA yesterday and here are some pictures that i manage to take..


Need help from my friends..

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wassup to all my collecting songs now..could any of you give me ideas of good songs to download..Thanks…will put up a post soon..

Jade buddha in Brisbane..

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Recently the jade buddha of peace was displayed at Brisbane city as part of it’s world tour..Brisbane is the first stop for the jade buddha as part of it’s tour of Australia and i have the opportunity to see it..Here are some pictures that i manage to take..

it’s not that clear but at least you guys have a picture of how it’s looks like..


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Couldnt believe it that Michael Jackson is dead @ 50 years old! Like most people, i basically grew up listening to his music as well..He will be forever be remembered as the King of Pop and definately a Legend..RIP MJ..

People in your life….

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Have any of you ever wondered about the people in your life?how do you come to know them?how you become friends?well i have..

Yesterday i was chatting with a really old old friend..we basically grew up together..hehehe..we were even born in the same month but i’m older then her by one day..heck!we even stay in the same village together..oh,we also share the same cousins but we are not blood related..only through marriage..while we were chatting with each other about the good old times that we used to have and other wonderful,crazy memories that we had,i started to wonder and asked her the question that i was wondering about.. i couldnt remember how exactly that we became so close..mind you,i would put my life in her hands..thats how close we are..we were trying to figure it out but to no avail..hehehehe..

funny how things works in doesnt always end-up like you want it to be but its always work out in the end..but in between, there will definately be something weird going on…hehehehe…but what ever it is,dont regret the decision that you have made in life..there is a saying ” To be old and wise,you must first have to be young and stupid.“..hehehehe

I have many friends i guess but i only have a hand full of friends that i keep around so happy to have this friends in my life even though they might not share the same views as me but i like having them around..i would like to say to all the friends and people in my life that im glad that they have come into my life..cheers!!

Trip to gold coast

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Went to gold coast yesterday with my japanese friend Yuta who is going back to Japan this are some pictures of yesterday..

End of Semester 1…

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well the end of semester 1 is nearly here..this is the last week before my finals which happens to start on this saturday..its starting at 1.30 lagi tu..ada ka?!..anyways,it was another interesting semester for me yet again with all the things that had happened..another chapter coming to an end with a new one starting up soon..anyway, i have some picture of me doing Food&Beverage you guys an idea of what i have been doing here..




kesian jadi tukang cuci piring…but frankly telling you guys,i really had fun this semester in doing F&B..can’t wait for next semester where i will be working in the kitchen..yes!!!hehehe..